Types of Apobank loans offered without consultation

Types of Apobank loans offered without consultation

1. Cash Paid: no consultation

Apobank Econômica has special solutions for those with the name restricted to the credit but needs an urgent loan, one of these options is the Pawn.

The Pledge consists of delivering personal property of value as “payment guarantee”. In this line of personal loan, Apobank does not consult the CPF, in addition, this modality releases large amounts to the borrower (up to R $ 100 thousand or more).

Apobank’s pledge has one of the lowest applied interest rates on the market.

In order to have easy and quick access to the money, the applicant places as collateral some types of jewelry, usually gold at least 12 carats, precious watches, rare pens, noble metals, diamonds, pearls, and other goods. on here ).

The amount borrowed when approved in the Pledge can reach up to 85% of the assessed value. But it has an important detail, in case you default, the given good with guarantee goes to the auction to cover the costs of the bank!

2. Payroll-deductible loans guaranteed by Fundes

Every worker has access to the “Guarantee Fund for Time of Service”, this benefit is better known by all as Fundes.

Currently Brazilians who have a balance in the Fundes can use the fund to raise money through loans, even when their name is listed in Serasa debtors’ reports and also in SPC or Boa Vista-SCPC.

This money from your Fund is held by Apobank in a special account, and since 2018 this money can serve as collateral for personal loans, in this line of credit, the release occurs through the payroll loan.

The maximum amount released in the credit is up to 10% of that available in the Fund, the interest applied will be up to 3.5% per month, and part of the 40% of the fine in case of dismissal without just cause.

The maximum amount totals 50% of the value you have in the Fundes. If you have R $ 30,000 Fundes, the loan will be released up to R $ 10,000.

However, in order to access the modality, the company you work for must have an active agreement with Apobank and be depositing the Guarantee Fund. Currently only Apobank has autonomy to release this type of payroll loan, however, the other banks are fighting to also be able to offer it to interested parties.

3. Payroll loan from Apobank

Loan without guarantor or guarantor or the need for consultation in credit bureaus, because it is in Apobank the citizen finds many special advantages and the best conditions to obtain money even if pending with unpaid financial commitments.

This line of Apobank loan serves employees of private companies (private payroll), contracted agencies, retirees and pensioners of the INSS (Public Payroll).

There are some advantages to taking the paycheck loan from Apobank, eg the installments are deducted directly from the INSS benefit, salary or salary, another is that the borrower can anticipate the settlement of the debit balance at any time.

In this mode the bureaucracy is practically zero, At Apobank you will not have the CPF consulted, you will not have to present a guarantor and your credit is available quickly.

The maximum amount of the loan is calculated according to your salary or benefit and the installment does not exceed 30% of what you receive.

How does the payroll loan of Apobank work?

You can hire one or more loans without guarantor. The benefit is discounted directly on your payroll or benefit. And if you get paid with Apobank, you can count on many more advantages in hiring this credit.

If you do not receive it, the option is to request automatic salary transfer and enjoy all the benefits. If in addition, your employer is from the private sector, opt for the contracting of Credit with Fundes Guarantee and access to differentiated interest rates.

Are Apobank loans worth it?

Are Apobank loans worth it?

In Apobank loan situations, both for those who wish to pledge assets (Pawn from the Apobank), use the Fundes loan or use the salary or retirement benefit and / or pension as collateral, all these loans can be an excellent option and certainly worth the penalty depending on your financial timing.