The loan with term between 3 and 12 months can be a good one if you are having problems of lack of money…

” Great loans or small loans for 3 to 12 months, no matter, they are a great way to get out of a financial choke or make a purchase any! “

When you are not in a financial position to pay for a product or service you want, but can finance the value by repaying the value over the next few months – for this loans are a good choice!

The unsecured credit, commonly known as personal loan are tailor made for each type of consumer profile, for your needs or requirements. Having credit in the market place to take out a loan puts financial power in the hands of the citizen.

There are many types of loans available and distinct ways to borrow money each with differentiated terms.

Some are more suitable than others. So it is important to check what type of financing is best for your financial timing. In some cases, a particular category or type of loan is not the best solution, so carefully consider all the alternatives available in the market.

  • Personal bank loan – rates from 4.8% to 12% per month
  • Loan for negative – rates from 11% to 23% per month, average 15%
  • Loan with restriction – rate from 11% to 23% per month, average 15%
  • Loan without consultation – rate from 11% to 23% per month, average 15%
  • Loan for self-employed – rate from 11% to 23% per month, average 15%
  • Loan with lender – rates from 10% to 25% per month
  • Payroll loan – rates from 0.89% to 3.5% per month
  • Payroll-deductible loan for employees – rate up to 5.4%, – Private Payroll
  • Alternative loans between people – rate from 4.2% to 9%, – Peer to Peer Lending
  • Collective Financing – zero rate, – Crowdfunding
  • Loan with Pawn – rate of 6% variable for more or less

How the loan works within 12 months

How the loan works within 12 months

As you can see, the Brazilian internet has all sorts of websites, applications for credit and online lending platform that connects consumers with lenders, banks, financiers and short, medium or long term loan companies.

At Thomas Wills you will always find a creditor and loan companies safe and reliable for most of the modalities allowed in the market. For every financial moment our clients are going through – a type of loan!


Usually, they are the most requested online small loans, if you need $ 300 to $ 3,500, you certainly have a bank that will lend you without red tape.

As we live by talking, the loans are available to all people regardless of your credit history or report. Even those who do not have credit or have negative credit can have approval and access to cash resources that they need.

How to access the online loan for 3 to 12 months

How to access the online loan for 3 to 12 months

1 – Register online

To begin the process, you first need to fill out a form for the loan application on the website or in a downloaded application for Android or iOS.

2 – Get a loan offer

After pre-approval, you receive a proposal with up to five offers from our partners willing to grant the loan to you.

3 – Choose Your Personal Loan

Once you have chosen the lender to complete your loan application, the contract is sent to be signed. After doing all the digital procedures, the money is sent to your account within 1 hour or according to the policy of release of each lender. Each lender has its own method for clearing credit in cash.

4 – Repayment of loan

By agreeing to one of the proposals, you also had to choose a payment deadline – right? The term is normally set between 3 and 12 months. The choice is yours, however, it can happen that the lender releases only up to 8 installments.

Fill out our online form, it’s safe, it’s fast and it’s free!

Fill out our online form, it

The system is simple, takes about two minutes and is free!

The form is completely protected with a high level security system equal to the large banks, SSL124 bits. We only ask for the details we need to find a lender in our network.

Once the details are submitted, they are forwarded to one of the safest and most reliable lenders for review, approval and release.

Non-binding personal loan offer

Everything is very fast, when you come across the offer that meets your needs and after checking all the details, what happens in a matter of minutes, you choose! However, there is no obligation to accept any offer, so if the offer you receive is not satisfactory, simply reject it, it will cost you absolutely nothing!

Getting your money without red tape

Once you decide which loan offer has met your financial needs, simply finalize the process with the lender who was the chosen one. The institution will ask you to provide your electronic signature, a self to complete the operation and more details.

Once this step has been completed, the lender will deposit the loan amount to which you have been approved into your checking account on the same day or the next business day.

Requirements for an online loan of up to 12 months to pay

Requirements for an online loan of up to 12 months to pay

Qualifying for a personal loan is simpler and easier than you’d expect. Here are the basic requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Living and working in Brazil
  • Be employed or prove any stable or verifiable source of income
  • Have an active bank account from any private bank or digital account
  • Have contact by email, mobile phone, residential and work
  • Be with regularized and valid identification documentation

Your credit history and report is not a problem

Your credit history and report is not a problem

Some banks, financial institutions and financial institutions that partner with us perform credit checks, however, people with restrictions or ” no credit or no credit ” may qualify for loans without red tape.

Credit inquiries do not prevent approval from being granted, however, they help lenders understand what your actual financial situation is, especially what types of issues with other banks and financial institutions, and define your ability to pay.

Advantages of personal loan in up to 12 months online

Advantages of personal loan in up to 12 months online

1. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is the speed of release. Short-term loans are approved in minutes and released a few hours. So, if you need fast cash, the loan up to 12 months is absolutely the way to go.

2. Requests are very easy. Most short-term personal loan lenders require only basic information, requests are made through the internet, by mobile, computer and any device with web access. Any request can be made.

3. It is short term. The short term loans have 3 to 12 months duration, which means you will have to pay for a period considered reasonable.

How can Thomas Wills help with credit?

How can Thomas Wills help with credit?

Thomas Wills is always available to answer your questions about this site, we put you in touch with services and products of commercial partners to make your personal loan online and financing in general.

We strive to provide you with excellent support, relevant information and we will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

If you are in trouble with money, you would like a specific loan, please contact us.

Just to be honest, Thomas Wills is not allowed to keep details of any loan agreement you have made with any of our business partners.