The Express Cash loan service is one of a known and very large company called Zaloan. The entire company already operates in more than 20 countries. These include, among others, Great Britain, Estonia, Romania, Russia, Latvia, Croatia, and even Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, it can boast of over 1.5 million customers who not only enjoyed short-time, but were also very pleased with them.

In Poland, this company operates under the name Finance Today SP. Z o. O. At the same time, it boasts over 8 years of history. It is one of the few companies that offers a free loan of more than PLN 1,500. The maximum amount that can be incurred by customers on the Express Cash website is PLN 1,500.

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Free loan limit PLN 1,500
Loan period 30 days
The possibility of extension YES
The cost of extension for 30 days PLN 450
Registration fee 1 penny
Time of loan 15 minutes
Rating 7/10
Place in the ranking 12

How do I get a free payday at Express Cash?

loan expiration

We already know that the financial product is directed exclusively to new customers. But not only those who did not use the products of this service, but the entire company Zaloan Bank. Customers can choose between repayment dates of either 15 or 30 days. Of course, no interest will accrue if only clients pay the loan on time, and will not submit any applications for its extension.

To take advantage of the promotion, you must register on the lender’s website and apply for a free loan.

You do not need to worry that the company will add interest if you have never used its services. Everything works on the basis of a database that is already in the company, which is why a free loan is set automatically.

Loan without BIK

loans without bikes

Lender Express Cash does not verify its clients in the Credit Information Bureau. But that does not mean that they are not interested in the credit history of potential borrowers. Their data is checked in the Economic Information Bureau of Infomonitor, the National Register of Debtors, and also in the ERIF database. Unfortunately, people who fall out badly in this verification must be prepared for a negative response.

How to extend the repayment date

A free loan is the most tempting product. But you also have to reckon with the fact that it must be repaid within 30 days. Indeed, not everyone can do it. Therefore, before submitting the application, it is best to take into account the extension of the repayment date.

If we are interested in postponing the repayment for another 30 days, then we have to take into account the costs of 450 zlotys. Do not hesitate to make this decision until the last minute, because for late payment we can be treated with penal interest.

Delays in loan repayment

It is completely unprofitable to be late with repayment for a moment. Because Express Cash sends monitors every few days, which, as you know, are quite expensive. And this is only one part of all additional costs that the customer has to incur due to being late.

how to receive a moment

Dates of sent loan reminders and their costs:

– one prompt – after 7 days – PLN 30

– 2 prompt – after 14 days – 50 PLN

– 3 prompt – after 25 days – 50 PLN

– 4 prompt – after 35 days – 50 PLN

In addition, statutory interest must be added, as well as all penal costs. We should expect debt collection as well as entering our data into the databases of the institutions in which we were verified as cost-effective debtors. If we continue to cope with the repayment of our obligations, our case may go to court.

Moment on installments

In fact, no one hundred percent can predict that there will be any complications associated with the repayment of the loan. The worst method is to hide your head in the sand and avoid taking responsibility for the problem. Luckily, Express Cash is trying to meet its clients. Thanks to that, it is even possible to spread your repayment into installments. This option applies to clients who were not covered by the extended deadline, ie a total of 60 days to pay their debts.

The repayment plan, because this is the name of the project for clients in a difficult financial situation, can be activated by any means. A simple application can be easily submitted, for example, via SMS, e-MAIL or sending a special form on the lender’s website.

The application itself costs PLN 20, and again we will have to pay such a sum if we receive a new repayment schedule. It is true that the borrower sets the number of installments by himself, but there can be no more than 12.

online moments

People interested in financial products at Express Cash, who can not take advantage of the free promotion, can focus their attention calmly on a loan for 60 days. Extending the loan in the case of a 30-day’s payday is not very profitable. Because ultimately we will have to pay over 2 times more than we actually borrowed. But if we are sure that we will pay the time limit on time, then the offer is the most advantageous one.